Meadowlands: Showtime Sunday 10:00

“Edgy and dark, this is the shadow version of "The Waltons."” (Christian Science Monitor)

“If you relish the devious darkness of "Dexter" and the wonderful wackiness of "Weeds," you’ll love the macabre moodiness of "Meadowlands."” (New York Daily News) “Fans of "The Sopranos" looking for a new Sunday-night must-see may find it here - though perhaps not fans driven to fits by that HBO hit’s ambiguous conclusion.” (Newsday)“Relentlessly odd as "Meadowlands" can be, don’t be surprised if it seduces you.” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) “Whether this is all weirdness for weirdness’ sake or something more complex isn’t clear, not even after the first four episodes.” (Newark Star-Ledger)“Murphy is adept at creating clever mind games between his characters, but moments of true suspense or fright are few and far between.” (Hollywood Reporter)“An intermittently interesting summer potboiler with a creepy "Twin Peaks"-meets-"American Beauty" vibe, with a little of "The Riches" thrown in for good measure.” (Chicago Tribune)“"Meadowlands" demands too much of a slog for too little in return.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd