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Lil' Bush: Comedy Central

“Some of the sharpest political satire on the small screen.” (Hollywood Reporter) “If "South Park" traffics in occasionally brilliant satire, "Lil’ Bush" is far more juvenile humor.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)“The mildly amusing animated series would have packed more of a punch back when Americans were still a little shocked about Bush’s seeming arrested development, but these days it comes off as merely facile.” (Boston Globe)“Too lil’, too late.” (NY Times)“Lil’ Bush is too lame to be taken seriously, or, more important, taken humorously.” (Time)“"Lil’ Bush" aims for the political satire of "The Daily Show" and the crude-but-smart humor of "South Park" but fails to live up to both standard-bearers.” (Washington Post)“"Lil’ Bush" is more than a lil’ awful.” (New York Daily News)“"Lil’ Bush," like so much on Comedy Central other than "The Daily Show"/"Colbert Report" hour, possesses all the finesse of Gallagher with a watermelon.”(Variety)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd