The Kill Point: Spike TV

"With echoes of Tarantino and "Dog Day Afternoon," this tough, unusually well-cast eight-hour "event" series is an instantly gripping winner." (TV Guide)"Kill Point gets off to a strong start with a tense outing driven along by two strong, combative performances."(USA Today)" Wahlberg and Leguizamo flex their acting muscles in nearly every scene, and co-exec producer/director Steve Shill finds the right angle to keep the story taut."(Hollywood Reporter)"Making the show interesting is the face-off of two solid actors in the lead roles."(Arizona Republic)"The best thing about The Kill Point right off is the stars. The casting is perfect, especially the leads - the always magnetic Donnie Wahlberg and the fascinatingly good John Leguizamo"(New York Post)"That said, the performances are generally sharp (the broad cast notably includes two alums of "The Wire," JD Williams and Michael K. Williams), and Leguizamo’s exchanges with Wahlberg - cast in yet another steely cop role - have a rugged edge."(Variety)"While the first hour is marred by clunky dialogue, characters making unbelievable decisions and disappointing performances from a few supporting players, the second hour offers more fully developed characters and better plot twists."(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)"The Kill Point will distend long before it ends. And that’s too bad, because the opening two hours, are engaging."(Boston Globe)"The two principals are compelling, the two-hour pilot has some grit, and we are obviously going to get the backstory of everybody on the floor of the bank."(New York Magazine)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd