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"A surprisingly effective personal drama." (Philadelphia Enquirer) "This is suspense that goes well beyond that of most medical shows." (Wall Street Journal)"A mushy, messy, medical melodrama that’s pretty much identical to a dozen other doctor dramas you’ve seen many times before." (New York Post) "Hollander… has pared the medical drama down to its barest notions of life and death and sliced away the acronyms, arguably just when they needed some cutting." (New York Times)"A pedestrian medical drama that sparks to life near the end of the pilot." (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) "The characters connect mostly on a clinical level, rarely deeper." (Hollywood Reporter)"Despite “Heartland’s” obviously good intentions and Williams’ likable presence, it’s difficult to find a pulse in this workmanlike drama." (Chicago Tribune)"Fox should send TNT the super fancy bouquet because, once again, "House" never looked so good." (Los Angeles Times) "It is every organ transplant storyline you’ve ever seen before on "ER" or "Chicago Hope" or elsewhere, told in the most unimaginative fashion possible, acted out by a competent group of actors not given much to play." (Newark Star-Ledger)"In terms of concocting drama, the characters and situations don’t strike sharply enough to break the skin, much less stir the heart." (Variety)"There’s no reason to sugarcoat this: Watching Williams made me want to nod off."(Seattle Post-Intelligencer) "[A] treacly piece of tripe." (Newsday

Compiled by Bryon Rudd