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Flashpoint: CBS

"In experiencing — and sharing — some of the pain that thousands have felt in Iraq, [Kimberly] Dozier tonight tells their story to the absolute limits of any journalist's ability…" (Philadelphia Daily News) "Produced by Paul Ryan and Chris Young, and produced and edited by Michael McHugh, 'Flashpoint' follows the effects, as well as the cause, of the May 29, 2006, explosion…" ( NY Daily News) "The most moving aspects of Flashpoint are the interviews with the widows of the CBS cameraman, Paul Douglas, and the Army officer, Capt. James A. Funkhouser Jr., each of whom left two daughters. Dozier visits both widows…" (Baltimore Sun) "Through it all, Dozier displays bravery, loyalty to her colleagues, and a sense of humility when surrounded by soldiers whose wounds are even more traumatic than hers…" ( LA Times) "The Dozier survival story, narrated by Katie Couric, is given additional impact because the single sponsor will cut back on commercial breaks…" ( Rocky Mountain News) “The prime-time special, anchored by Katie Couric, recounts the immediate chaos after the blast and its ripple effects months later.” (LA Times, 2) “Flashpoint,” a one-hour special with Katie Couric as anchor, portrays the war through the detailed stories of the many lives touched by the explosion that Monday morning. Staff Sgt. Nathan Reed lost his lower right leg, among other injuries, and Sgt. Justin Farrar suffers from such post-traumatic stress that he is still unable to wear his uniform." (NY Times) "Flashpoint tells the story of Dozier's remarkable recovery — her heart stopped twice as doctors sought to stabilize her — and the searing effect that the explosion had on the families of those killed, the soldiers who were injured and others who cared for them." (USA Today)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd