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Drive: Fox

“…eventually the show is going to have to parcel out some answers along with its jokes and jolts. But we'll cross that bridge when we drive to it. For now, I'm willing to ride.” (USA Today) “Drive is a happy addition to the television landscape. With enough intrigue for a spy thriller and enough careening car chases to satisfy the most deranged Fast and Furious cultists” (Miami Herald) “if you can accept most of what you see on TV and you crave a good time, odds are you'll find a lot to like — maybe even love — about "Drive." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) “There's some good Doors music, but a very, very LOUD pitch of constant racing, raging motors. All in all, brainless fun.” (New York Post) “Much of "Drive" is unabashedly derivative. All the bells and whistles of modern TV are accounted for — digital graphics track the various locations, flashbacks fill in the characters' recent past and possible motivations. Much of it is also unbelievable — everyone has money for gas, hotels have plenty of rooms,”(Los Angeles Times) “I'm dubious about the long-term prospects for "Drive." It reminds me of a Pontiac Aztec: different, but destined to be short-lived. Still, for the time being, I'm more than happy to strap in and enjoy the ride.”(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) "The first hour left me a bit cold, but the second, which arrived yesterday, filled in enough of the blanks to take me as far as Monday." (Philadelphia Daily News) "Viewers across America will be saying, "Give me a break," as they switch to The Amazing Race, which may not have been going on as long as there have been cars, but which is at least a real race" (Philadelphia Enquirer) “But don't hold its large publicity budget against Fox's "Drive,"…There are a few other things to hold against this hyped action drama” (Boston Globe) “If the show isn't canceled while it's in the middle of being aired, well, then, hopefully in a future episode everyone in the race will die."(Chicago Sun-Times) “Muddled and befuddled from the outset, "Drive" represents a new kind of automotive hybrid — a scripted treasure hunt designed to look like a reality show”(Washington Post) “Drive” resembles nothing so much as high-end religious propaganda, or pornography before the sex starts: hollow drama with an ulterior motive.” (NY Times)

“But with some fine-tuning and bolder steering, Drive could be one souped-up storytelling machine.”(Entertainment Weekly) “Why people have be coerced to play with that kind of money involved doesn't really make much sense, but as with "Prison Break," the less you contemplate the plot, the more apt you are to enjoy it.” (Variety) "Drive" is at once exasperating and mesmerizing, utterly ridiculous if you read too much into it but utterly beguiling on its face.”(Hollywood Reporter)

 "It's very hard to imagine Drive existing as a long term show; it's very premise calls for an ending, in a more extreme way than other serialized shows. However, Minear and his collaborators have crafted a fun and involving world so far that's easy to get involved with." (IGN)

Compiled by Alex Weprin and Bryon Rudd