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Cashmere Mafia: ABC

“The next "Sex and the City" is TV’s Holy Grail. The jackpot doubles if it’s suitable for broadcast TV. "Cashmere Mafia" comes closer to reaching this lofty goal than any of the imitators to date.” (South Florida Sun-Sentinel) “The only real difference between "Cashmere Mafia" and ABC’s already-on "Women’s Murder Club" is the lack of murders. Having tried the gender reverse with "Big Shots," the Alphabet web trots out another uninspired hour about women attempting to balance fabulous lives and careers with romance, but other than a lesbian liaison, it all feels about as fresh as ‘That Girl.’” (Variety) “A thunderingly stupid ripoff of every sexy-woman-in-the-city show ever aired — and one yet to come —Cashmereat least has the dubious distinction of serving as an equal-opportunity offender.” (USA Today) “OK. “Cashmere” isn’t quite Carrie and company, but “Sex” creator Darren Star has ripped it from the same cloth. Star has stolen from himself to such a degree he could probably sue himself for plagiarism and win damages.” (Boston Herald) “It’s hard to see this series playing all that well outside the urban jungle. "Mafia" treats marital fidelity as an optional, tradable commodity. And forget expecting guys to watch. Men are portrayed worse in "Mafia" — they’re weak or jealous or cheating or lazy or mean — than in any Lifetime series.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) “The people behind "Cashmere Mafia" - whose executive producers include Darren Star from "Sex and the City" - doubtless are counting on the female-bonding chemistry and the glamorous world of rich New York to make viewers overlook any conceptual or script problems. Could happen. But "Cashmere Mafia" could also end up in the clearance bin at Casual Corner.” (NY Daily News) “Cashmere Mafia, on the other hand, proceeds as if it were written by someone very far away imagining a cold, hard city in which a woman can get a schmaltzy marriage proposal on a Monday and then be dumped five days later because she beats her fiancé out for a job.” (NY Magazine)