Brando: TCM

"In the end there’s something direct, simple and thorough about "Brando." With the leading man gone, the film seems to come with remarkably little baggage and few strings. The same probably cannot be said about any production involving Brando when he lived." (NY Times) "However Brando felt about acting, he left an indelible contribution. The documentary Brando puts that legacy in thrilling perspective." (Chicago Tribune) "Brando" is, as they say in Hollywood, a star-studded production of great ambition that shines when it describes Brando the actor but hunts in the dark for Brando the human being." (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

"There always is room for more Marlon Brando, particularly a documentary that dives head first into his psyche and comes up with original material and more than a new thought or two on the actor. "Brando" brings to light some sad facts of the man's interior life, and this is when and how the docu gets very, very good." (Hollywood Reporter) "One night could hardly do Marlon Brando justice, so Turner Classic Movies splits this sterling biography into 90-minute halves — each to be televised in concert with classics like "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "On the Waterfront" — painting an engrossing, painstakingly thorough portrait of the actor's tumultuous life." (Variety)

"BRANDO’, a documentary about the great actor, features never-before-seen footage and a series of original, in-depth interviews from a wide variety of Hollywood figures and family members." (Screenhead) "Brando" is perhaps one of the most captivating documentaries I have ever seen, and is peppered with rare interviews with Marlon Brando, as well as never-before-seen screen tests. His personal charm immediately wins you over, adding to his likeability both on screen and off…A masterfully crafted and exemplary documentary, this experience is not to be missed an account of perhaps the greatest American actor of all time." (Collider)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd