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Bounty Girls Miami: Court TV

The Hollywood Reporter: "Court TV’s new ‘true life’ series, Bounty Girls Miami, speaks for itself and says it all about women being as capable as men in the always-dangerous field of cops and robbers. This reality series traipses after female bounty hunters who hunt down Miami fugitives and bring them to justice — one way or another. The nine hourlong episodes are quickly paced and full of action. There is plenty of female muscle to go around, and it never gets dull."  The Olympian: "[Bounty Girls Miami] features an all-female team of bail bond agents from the Miami-based Sunshine State Bail Bonds. This isn’t so amazing as the producers would have you believe — almost half of the state’s 1,900 bail agents are women, according to the Florida Surety Agents Association — but never mind. Why would you, when everybody has cool street names and the team leader says things like ‘I’m going to treat you like the dog you are!’… The lesson here — as when Jag juggles leadership responsibilities with the responsibility to lecture her daughter about boys, or Gloria stops to do some clothes shopping while canvassing the streets for a defendant on the lam — seems to be that women can be feminine even in a male-dominated industry, so long as they get the job done."  The New York Times: "The bounty girls…don’t flex muscle — though they do have muscles, or at least the Hollywood upper-body gym contours that suggest casting calls more than careers giving uppercuts and full nelsons. Instead they put on makeup and dresses and go door to door with an odd ruse, something about needing to find their man because his dog is going to be put to sleep… The only problem with this meekness thing is that it fails, at least initially. Almost no doors open with the dying-dog scam. All the while the full name and mug shot of the would-be outlaw (under the word ‘Wanted’; the charges are ‘cocaine possession’ and ‘drug paraphernalia’) flash so often on Bounty Girls Miami that the man’s guilt becomes not just presumed but embellished. There’s more than a little lynch mob in the perkily packaged crew… But this show is not the place to look for real bounty hunters. You knew that, didn’t you?"

Compiled by Sarah Outhwaite