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American Inventor: ABC

“The audition segments are mostly hilarious.”(New York Post)“I was often moved by the dedication and heart on display.” (Los Angeles Times)“Despite all its contrived reality melodrama, ''American Inventor" features a steady stream of entertainingly kooky and cool creations.” (Boston Globe)“The results suggest that everyone involved looked at American Idol too closely. And this time around, everyone is startlingly off-key.” (Orlando Sentinel)“Tonight's premiere is often a huge time-waster, but when it's not boring viewers with the umpteenth meet-the-judges segment and sticks to introducing wacky inventors, it's kind of a hoot.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) “How un-innovative is this series about innovation? Let me count the ways.” (New York Daily News)“[Its] intolerable length helps to illuminate the cynicism of these competition shows.” (Philadelphia Inquirer) “At almost every level, "American Inventor" is over-produced.” (Variety)“The joke goes from bad to grim within minutes.” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) “An appalling amalgam of humiliating ridicule, primitive humor and heartbreaking pathos, "American Inventor" flies in on wings of sap.” (Washington Post) “A low-rent "American Idol" ripoff.” (Chicago Sun-Times)“The worst unscripted outing to hit the airwaves in many a moon.” (Chicago Tribune)“"American Inventor," … is unspeakably awful, and makes not just a travesty of the type of television that "American Idol" so dramatically popularized, but an unintentional parody of it as well.” (Newsday)

Compiled By Bryon Rudd