Vistex Launches New Cloud-Based Rights Management Solution for the Indie Film and TV Markets

Hoffman Estates, IL: February 29, 2016.
Vistex Inc., the global leader in rights management and royalties solutions for the media and entertainment industries, has announced the launch of a cloud-based solution dedicated to the independent film and TV markets. cpOnline is a suite of web applications that enable film and TV distributors to maximize revenue from their libraries by exploiting all available rights across multiple territories, languages and media.

“Indie distributors have long been telling us that they have outgrown Excel, but are intimidated by enterprise rights management software,” says Amos Biegun, Global Head of Rights and Royalties for Vistex. “cpOnline will give them the simple and intuitive tools needed to help them minimize administration efforts and focus on doing business.”

cpOnline is available immediately for distributors and sales agents via two applications: cpRights and cpBookings. cpRights is a content and contracts management tool that is comprehensive yet easy to use – it gives sales teams an instant, up-to-date picture of content availability, and allows them to browse, drill down and add specific available rights to a new licensing deal. In the TV distribution market, cpRights supports licensing of complete TV series, seasons or individual episodes for both linear and non-linear usage.

For film distributors operating theatrical releases, cpBookings automates planning and execution from start to finish, including cinema and playweek management, complex financial terms, box office data and full multi-currency invoicing.

About Vistex®

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About cpOnline
cpOnline is a suite of solutions from Vistex that is built in the cloud for independent film and television distributors. The solutions enable film and TV distributors to get real-time, instant visibility into all of their available rights in order to maximize exploitation of all rights dimensions in a simple, modern user experience. For film distributors, cpOnline also enables management of theatrical bookings, providing an easy way to manage releases and collect on invoices. For more information, please visit us online.

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