Source Digital Partners with Prime Image to Boost Customer Engagement and Targeting Through Machine Learning

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 5, 2018 - As it becomes increasingly important to effectively engage viewers through metadata to monetize content, Source Digital, a leading provider specializing in monetization strategies, is collaborating with Prime Image to add a machine learning component to its platform. As a proven industry leader in video content analysis and optimization, Prime Image is adding intelligence to automatically index metadata and highlight objects for use by Source to provide intuitive and instant discovery experiences while viewing programming on any device - smart phone, tablet, computer and traditional TV. The joint partnership will allow a content owner to activate a simple object within the content, apply the proper marketing/monetary angle and make it accessible to any viewer in order to learn and even purchase that object or a relevant experience around the object. The complete workflow monetization solution will be demonstrated at NAB 2018 at the Source Digital (SU14306) and Prime Image (SU14305) booths.

While the Source Digital platform activates, monetizes and translates content to multi-screens, the integration with Prime Image provides a framework to rapidly identify and track usable data. Removing the necessity to stage every instance of metadata frame-by-frame, Prime Image automates the process of assigning tags to content, completing a seamless workflow for cost effective monetization. Then within the Source Kurator, content owners can choose the proper discovery/branding/commerce angles to extend to their viewers.

"What Source and Prime Image are demonstrating is a new alternative to a traditional advertising model, creating a more lucrative revenue stream," says Hank Frecon, CEO, Source Digital. "For example, in today's digital advertising path, you may net $500 to $800 for 100,000 views, as opposed to a higher return of $2,000 or much more per title, with this new model."

Pinpointing moments within content to corresponding data is now a more manageable process using Source Digital's updated This new layer of technology, in conjunction with Prime Image, allows for auto-indexing of real-time metadata for more effective object-tracking and immersive activations. It can also intuitively identify where that object is on the screen, across devices.

"The machine-learning AI capabilities, powered by our Prime Image Video Content Analysis engine takes the labor out of the process of creating and updating content metadata," says Michael Mayfield, CEO, Prime Image. "Having rich and extensive content metadata dramatically improves the ability for content owners and their brand sponsors to provide a rich viewing experience while also driving significantly increased revenue from their content monetization initiatives."

One of the first users of this new currency for media will be a new OTT platform, Motor Crazed Network. A first of its kind, the new OTT network will be a 100 percent enthusiast-based network dedicated to the automotive aftermarket, available across web, mobile, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku. "After seeing the technology, we were so excited to be able to employ it across our network. A lot of people are running around touting AI, but simply identifying that it's a 1972 Ford Mustang is not enough. We need to be able to tailor the experience in a way that ranges from helping the viewer find parts in an area geographically near to the viewer, to a potential full-blown campaign that speaks to the viewer's automotive passion," explained David Leach, CEO, Motor Crazed.

About Prime Image

Prime Image, based in Chalfont PA, has been long recognized as the proven industry leader for video time reduction or expansion featuring the patented Time Tailor series of solutions. The company is expanding into the streaming video market by leveraging its patented video content analysis capabilities to automatically create relevant content metadata to improve content monetization for our customers and partners while also enabling viewers to better control their experience. For more information, visit

About Source Digital

Source Digital ( specializes in digital platform and application monetization strategies that connect personalization, smart content and omni-screen use. The Source Digital team includes industry-leading experts who developed a data driven, cloud-based engagement platform for a new generation of content viewers that interfaces with any device. As innovators, the Source Digital team developed a platform that allows content owners to design and fulfill personalization and monetization strategies against their real-time and file-based programs to viewers. This will allow viewers to instantly access and discover related experiences while viewing programming on any device - smart phone, tablet, computer and TV.