Appear TV Highlights End-To-End Architecture at CSTB 2020

MOSCOW, JANUARY 27, 2020Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation high-quality video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, will feature its hardware and software solutions at the 2020 CSTB Telecom and Media Show (Hall 7, Booth 749). Appear TV’s end-to-end offerings, which have among the lowest latency available on the market, will be on display in dedicated solutions-focused stations at the booth, giving visitors a clear overview of the company’s product portfolio.

“We’re excited to bring an application-based approach to our display at the CSTB show,” says Gunnar Nessa, technical sales manager at Appear TV. “Defining our solutions into three distinct stations, including video transportation/compression, multifunctional video platform and software-based OTT solutions, allows us to target potential customers based on their specific need.”

Appear TV’s X-Series (X10/X20) operates as the key building blocks of an ultra-flexible, ultra-low delay broadcast network and, as a codec agnostic solution, bridges the natively encapsulated and MPEG_TS worlds. The X-Series offers a programmable option with modules that easily alternate between SDI and IP, in either the compressed or lightly compressed domain. In addition, it can be customized and packaged to meet specific broadcaster requirements, including high-speed IP, for compressed and uncompressed video delivery, and high-density SDI. This makes the X-Series ideally suited for editing and delivery to any media outlet, such as traditional broadcasters and streaming services.

Appear will also highlight its high-performance satellite modulation/demodulation capabilities with a new hardware design for its advanced platform DVB-S2x contribution demodulator, which supports DVB-S2x DSNG and professional services profiles. It can also demodulate four transponders from four RF inputs, with up to 64 MBaud bandwidth, while fixed-key AES-128 and BISS-descrambling are embedded into both the modulator and demodulator. Also planned for presentation at the show is Appear TV’s latest low latency video compression capabilities with various video input/output and transport stream input/output options, as well as multi-codec encoding, decoding and transcoding. Through its recent partnership with Zixi, Appear TV customers can now tap into the Zixi cloud service for broadcast-quality video delivery over public IP networks, presenting a natural extension to Appear TV’s X platform.

Appear TV’s OTT software portfolio will also be on display at the show. Included among these is the company’s ABR Packager, which provides the full array of video resolutions and streams to address any media device. It adapts video quality to changing network conditions dynamically, providing optimal user experience according to bandwidth, all while maintaining a high-quality video output. Additionally, the software complements Appear TV and third-party encoders, allowing broadcasters to produce streaming content and adapt to varying workflows without affecting the end user, ultimately contributing to overall user improvement. Appear TV’s ABR is more than a packager, it is a powerful video segmentation engine that provides high-performance storage with internal and external options, just-in-time packager/DRM engine, origin server and optional offline encoding/transcoding.