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ZypMedia Shifts to ZypTV And Expands OTT Products

(Image credit: ZypTV)

ZypMedia is rebranding itself as ZypTV and said it will expand its over-the-top and connected TV products and services.

ZypMedia previously had worked only with local broadcast companies to sell their local digital and OTT media offering to advertisers. Now ZypTV will work with media agencies and advertisers that want to connect with customers in local markets via connected TV and addressable advertising.

Currently, ZypTV will interact with agencies on a managed service basis, but it is also testing a self-service buying option it expects to launch late in the third quarter.

“Over the last several years, we have proven the power of our platform in helping local brands reach audiences through OTT. Now, agencies that want to leverage the power of our local expertise and campaign targeting to drive ROI can use our platform,” said Aman Sareen, CEO and co-founder of ZypTV. “ZypTV is the only platform that has proven to be effective and scalable in helping both local and national brands reach audiences on OTT with unduplicated reach market-by-market.”

Founded in 2014, ZypTV’s investors include Sinclair Digital Ventures.