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Young Viewers Streaming More, Pivot Study Says

Cutting the cord is an increasingly attractive option among young viewers, who are streaming more and say they are less loyal to their pay TV service, according to a new survey conducted for new TV network Pivot.

The 2014 survey found that young—18 to 34 years old—viewers with pay TV service are spending as much time watching traditional TV—39% of their viewing—as they did in 2013. But the amount of time spent streaming is up to 43% of their time from 37% last year.

More of those 18- to 34-year-olds who subscribe to pay TV and stream video—35%—say they are looking to leave pay TV for a broadband only lifestyle, up from 27% last year.

The actual number of young viewers who have cut the cord and use broadband only to access video was flat at 13%. But the number of these “independent broadbanders”  who say they are happy streaming and do not plan to return to pay TV increased to 9% from 8% last year.

The survey was conducted for Pivot by research company MarketCast. MarketCast surveyed 2,515 adults 18 to 49 during April.