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Xandr Set to Support Multiple Consumer Identity Systems

Xandr CTV
(Image credit: Xandr)

AT&T’s Xandr said it will let buyers and sellers use three leading consumer identity systems for making transactions on its advanced advertising platform.

The three systems, The Trade Desk’s Unified ID, Europe’s netID and the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure have been developed as the digital world faces a cookieless world while conforming to privacy rules and regulations.

The identity schemes let advertisers on the Xandr platform target ad campaigns based on AT&T data capabilities.

“Xandr’s end-to-end platform uniquely meets the needs of our global client base as well as the broader industry, while maintaining high respect for consumer privacy,” said Ewa Maciukiewicz, Senior Director, Product Management, Xandr. “Xandr has taken a thoughtful and methodical approach to helping our clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes, while achieving business objectives. It is critical we  continue to ensure holistic reach across relevant audiences, seamless measurement and insights to support attribution.”

On Xandr’s platform, buyers will be able to utilize their identity providers of choice to drive targeting and frequency-capping strategies, the company said. .

Publishers will be able to leverage their first-party IDs and industry ID solutions across deal types in ad requests in order to monetize inventory without cookies or device IDs.