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Xandr Launches Sell-Side Platform for Media Companies

AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics company Xandr introduced a sell-side platform for media companies called Xandr Monetize.

Xandr Monetize is designed to make advertising work better for its media-company users, including AT&T WarnerMedia Unit.

“Xandr is a trusted partner to media companies, attuned to their challenges and innovating in support of their growth. Now, with the size, scale, and resources of AT&T, we are uniquely positioned to offer the scaled, streamlined selling platform the industry needs,” said Ryan Christensen, senior VP, product, at Xandr. “With the launch of Xandr Monetize, our future is primed for collaboration that expands and enriches what media companies offer their advertisers and consumers.”

Built on technology from AppNexus, which AT&T acquired last year, Xandr Monetize offers a scaled, streaming selling platform that features an ad server, yield analytics and infrastructure that can support future TV capabilities.

“Developed with our sales needs in mind, Programmatic OTT with Prebid will be essential to better managing inventory within client campaigns and realizing higher yield for our premium content. We have already tested it and are very excited to deploy this capability across the WarnerMedia digital portfolio,” said Amit Chaturvedi, executive VP, head of revenue operations & ad products, WarnerMedia Ad Sales.

Xander Monetize is equipped to handle planning, pacing and decisioning for direct and programmatic selling.

“Microsoft relies on Xandr as a programmatic advertising partner, who can operate at the massive global scale MSN, Outlook, Xbox, and our Windows App Developers require. Over the last ten years of working together, Xandr has been a thoughtful and flexible partner that has helped Microsoft be successful in our rapidly changing marketplace and with our unique platform needs,” said Kya Sainsbury-Carter, GM of global partner services at Microsoft. "The innovation we’ve seen in Xandr Monetize has augmented our programmatic revenue, while simplifying our ad stack. We look forward to continuing our strategic collaboration and pushing the envelope with the future of advertising.”