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WWOR Scraps News for Newsmag

WWOR, the Fox Television Stations-owned station licensed to
Secaucus, N.J., debuts the newsmagazine Chasing
New Jersey
July 8. Featuring a parade of "New Jersey decision makers
and citizens," the 30-minute program airs weekdays at 10 p.m. and replaces
the station's lone newscast.

The show was created by Dennis Bianchi, VP of Fairfax
Productions and VP/general manager of Fox's WTXF Philadelphia.

"New Jersey's politics, infrastructure, businesses and
celebrities continue to make national headlines," said Dianne Doctor, VP
and station manager at WWOR. "Though challenges persist, it is no doubt an
exciting time to live, work, raise a family in the Garden State. We have
created a unique and valuable platform to showcase just that."

WWOR is a MyNet-affiliated sister to WNYW New York. It has
drawn the ire of interest groups, along with former senator Frank Lautenberg,
that claim the station does not cover enough New Jersey affairs to merit its license,
which Fox addressed at various FCC license-renewal forums. (Lautenberg died
last month.)

Instead of a host, Chasing
New Jersey
has a "ringleader" and "chasers" in place
of correspondents.

Said Bianchi: "This type of evolution is
long-overdue in local news and is intended to shake up and revitalize the
genre. It's about covering stories of real interest and importance in a new,
refreshing and non-derivative way, with depth, context, interaction and