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WSVN-TV in Miami Renews Affiliation Deal with Fox

Sunbeam Television’s WSVN-TV in Miami said it renewed its affiliation deal with Fox, continuing a 30-year relationship with the network.

WSVN has been known for its colorful, fast-moving local newscasts, which made for a good fit when Fox was in its upstart stage.

Sunbeam also owns WHDH-TV in Boston, but the station and the network broke up in 2017. WHDH now operates as an independent.

“We have enjoyed a 30-year partnership with the Fox Network,” said Ed Ansin, WSVN owner & president. “Our strong news brand, viewer loyalty and Fox’s programming, which targets viewers 25-54, make us perfect partners.”

Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Our relationship with Ed and the Sunbeam team is one of our longest and strongest affiliate partnerships” said Mike Biard, president, operations and distribution for Fox Corp. “We are pleased to extend our affiliation with this station, which delivers high-quality local news that complements Fox’s leading sports and entertainment content.”