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Writers Guild of America West Pickets Tribune Studio’s Temptation

The Writers Guild of America West planned to picket in front of the Tribune Studio in Hollywood Tuesday morning, led by four writers who said they walked off FremantleMedia's (a production/distribution partner with Tribune) Temptation TV series, which is syndicated.

WGAW has been trying to organize game-show and TV writers like those on Temptation. Rather than a protest, the group called the event -- which was to feature WGAW president Patric M. Verrone and Temptation writers Aaron Solomon and Rosemarie DiSalvo -- an "informational" picket to call for union coverage and benefits.

As they prepare for negotiations on new contracts with programmers, writers unions have been trying to expand their current jurisdiction in areas including reality television, game shows and other unscripted fare, as well as animation, though they have not met with much success.