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WRAL Airs Hurricane Floyd Doc

On the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Floyd, WRAL Raleigh will air a documentary on what it calls “the worst natural disaster in North Carolina’s modern history.” Called Floyd, the doc runs at 7 p.m. Sept. 16.

According to the Capitol-owned station, Floyd “provides a retrospective of the state’s worst storm and the devastating flood that followed, revisiting affected communities and ongoing recovery efforts. The documentary also examines the storm’s lasting impact, advances in flood mapping, emergency response and other measures that have been taken to help the state better prepare for future floods.”

Floyd hit North Carolina Sept. 16, 1999, ten days after Tropical Storm Dennis dumped a foot of rain on the region. Floyd claimed the lives of 52 North Carolinans. Viewer interest in Floyd was such that its coverage gave Weather Channel some of its highest ratings in network history.

WRAL’s news documentary producer, Clay Johnson, spearheaded the project.