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Women’s Wrestling Comedy ‘Glow’ Back on Netflix

The second season of Glow, the women’s wrestling comedy on Netflix, premieres June 29. There are ten 30-minute episodes in the second season.

Glow takes its name from Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Ruth Wilder, played by Alison Brie, is an out-of-work actress in '80s Los Angeles who tries out for a women’s wrestling squad with television ambitions, alongside a dozen other Hollywood misfits. She transforms herself into the Soviet heel Zoya the Destroya.

Season two checks in with the women in the aftermath of their pilot shoot, when they become local celebrities. As Ruth and Betty Gilpin’s Debbie settle into the day-to-day of making a season of TV together, the former best friends confront the issues at the heart of their relationship.

According to Netflix, “The wrestling is harder, the stakes are higher, and the hair is even bigger.”

Kate Nash, Gayle Ranking and Sydelle Noel are also in the cast. Marc Maron plays Sam, a B-movie director who runs directs the wrestlers’ ring maneuvers.

Reviews for season two are mostly favorable. Said Variety, “While all these characters had their moments in Season 1, many of them good and fun, getting to know them in Season 2 is far more rewarding with the clichés of their origin stories firmly behind them. Like the rapidly improving show within the show, this sophomore season of GLOW finds its footing, throws in more jaw-dropping stunts and mines its potential to become just as spunky, tenacious and determined as its heroines.”

Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch are the Glow showrunners. Those two, and Tara Hermann and Jenji Kohan, are Glow’s executive producers.