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Will Ferrell To Appear on Discovery's 'Man Vs. Wild'

Actor/comedian Will Ferrell will appear on an upcoming episode of Discovery's Man Vs. Wild to promote his summer film Land of the Lost, the network says.

Ferrell and host Bear Grylls will spend two days in the mountanous region in the north of Sweden, with Grylls showing Ferrell how to survive, a challenge that will include the duo eating reindeer eyeball and drinking their own urine.

The partnership is the latest effort from Discovery to integrate upcoming films from Universal in its programming.

Previous integrations have included Frost/Nixon on Cash Cab and Fast and Furious in an episode of Destroyed in Seconds.

“We enjoy every aspect of working with our clients on content integrations. The most successful partnerships given our non-fiction programming include customized opportunities that get our client's close to our content as organically as possible. This one is fun and should garner great interest for our show and for the movie,” commented Joe Abruzzese, President, Advertising Sales, Discovery Communications.

“Pairing one of the toughest men alive with one of the funniest will be an absolute riot,” said John Ford, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel. “Bear and Will share a snow shelter and eat reindeer eyeballs together. That says it all. I can't wait to watch.”

The episode will air on Discovery June 5.