WIGS Channel Creators Launch New Production Company

The team behind the YouTube channel WIGS has launched a new production company.

Indigenous Media, founded Jon Avent, Rodrigo Garci and Jake Avnet, will focus on scripted half-hour and hour-long programming for digital and other formats. Lead investors for the new venture will be WPP and ITV.

WIGS is a female-focused channel that was part of YouTube’s original channels initiative. In 2013, the channel signed a multi-year deal with Fox. Indigenous Media will provide financing for the WIGS projects.

“Shortly after the launch of WIGS, Peter Tortorici [CEO GroupM Entertainment Global, part of WPP] approached us with his vision for the potential of scripted content on digital platforms,” said Jon Avnet. “We agreed and now are working to scale this model with our new investors.”

Former New Corp. digital media CEO Jon Miller will serve as non-executive chairman of Indigenous Media. Additional investors include Steven Tisch, Advancit Capital, Michael Price and Aaron Stern.

“We are thrilled about collaborating with Paul Buccieri and his ITV colleagues to create new opportunities for top-notch writers and directors to tell their stories in this exciting new world,” said Garcia.