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WideOrbit Introduces Audience Delivery Optimizer

Advertising software firm WideOrbit said it launched ADO—Audience Delivery Optimizer—a new feature of its WO Network inventory sales and management platform that increases the profitability of TV network advertising.

ADO helps calculate the minimum number of spots needed to deliver its audience guarantees. The networks that tested it found profits for the networks improved by 1% to 3% without increasing sales volume, the company said.

“Combining ADO with WO Network provides networks with a proven, automated solution for increasing the profit potential of their advertising business and reducing the risks associated with audience liabilities,” said Eric Mathewson, founder and CEO of WideOrbit.

ADO uses algorithms and Nielsen quarter-hour ratings to determine the optimal placement of every spot from millions of possible combinations. The software reports the financial benefit of using ADO to the network’s traffic and financial teams.

“In just a few weeks, WideOrbit’s ADO had an obvious and measurable impact on our bottom line,” said Cynthia Ponce Abrams, senior VP, sales strategy and operations at GSN. “By allowing us to maximize audience delivery and reduce liability, ADO makes the performance of our ad units more predictable and profitable.”

ADO is available immediately to networks that manage their advertising businesses with WO Network, which include more than a third of the top 50 cable networks.

(Photo via GotCredit's Flickr. Image taken on May 3, 2016 and used per Creative Commons 2.0 license. The photo was cropped to fit 3x4 aspect ratio.)