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WideOrbit, CoreMedia Take DR TV Ads Programmatic

WideOrbit announced a deal that makes the stations in its programmatic TV marketplace available to users of CoreMedia Systems, whose software is used by direct response TV ad buyers to purchase spots.

CoreMedia’s clients buy spots worth more than $5.7 billion, so the deal could have a big impact on the growth of programmatic TV.

Gray Television, the owner and operator of 51 stations across the United States, and Harmelin Media, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency, did a pilot project using CoreMedia software and WideOrbit’s inventory.

“The combination of CoreMedia and WideOrbit is great news for broadcasters that want to more easily sell and air direct response advertising. Implementing this solution will deliver solid value to our stations without adding any significant changes to their workflows,” said Nick Waller, executive VP and co-chief operating officer at Gray.

“We are thrilled to see the leaders in programmatic TV and direct response software collaborating on a direct response buying solution,” added Jen Harlacher, senior VP, planning at Harmelin Media. “This will open up new audience-targeting opportunities on broadcast TV and help us achieve our goal of applying our clients’ budgets to the media most likely to drive sales.”

More than 3,000 broadcasters and networks work with WideOrbit.

“We are pleased to partner with CoreMedia on an integrated planning and buying solution that makes it incredibly simple for TV stations to avail inventory and accept offers from direct response advertisers in their traffic systems,” said Eric Mathewson, founder and CEO at WideOrbit. “We expect individual stations and groups participating in WO Programmatic TV will see new demand from a variety of direct response advertisers.”

“This partnership demonstrates how we are constantly searching for new ways for our clients to work smarter and more efficiently,” said Glenn DeKraker, CEO at CoreMedia Systems. “The ease of access and availability of high-quality TV inventory from WideOrbit’s WO Programmatic TV delivers CoreMedia clients exceptional opportunities for targeting and engaging TV audiences across the United States.”

(Photo via FamZoo Staff's FlickrImage taken on May 25, 2016 and used per Creative Commons 2.0 license. The photo was cropped to fit 3x4 aspect ratio.)