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White House Touts Trump Fundraising

The White House was trumpeting President Donald Trump's fundraising and campaigning prowess Tuesday (Aug. 21) as the midterm election nears, prowess that often was rooted in attacking the press as a way to drum up those dollars.

That came in a background call with reporters only hours before President Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to campaign finance reform violations in which he implicated the President, according to CNN.

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White House officials said the President had helped the Republican National Committee raise $227 million in the most recent campaign cycle, a record they pointed out.

That included the President's name on RNC emails, the officials said, and appearances at rallies for various candidates.

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At those rallies, the President would often advise the crowd to ignore what the mainstream media was saying, arguing they were enemies of both his Administration and the American people.

Numerous RNC fund-raising e-mails over the President's signature also included attacks on the media.