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Weigel Launching Morning Content Mix

Weigel Broadcasting is launching the content mix You and Me This Morning in the fall. The You and Me fare “breaks away from the traditional news format by seamlessly integrating news and features around entertainment programming,” said Weigel in a statement.

You & Me will air each weekday morning between 6 and 9, with segments interspersed on Weigel’s WCIU, The U and Me-TV on WCIU’s digital channel. The content is hosted by Chicago TV/radio vet Jeanne Sparrow.

“Weigel Broadcasting Co. has always been successful in doing things differently. Our introduction and creation of You & Me This Morning will reflect that personality,” said Weigel Broadcasting Executive Vice President Neal Sabin. “We believe Jeanne and the format of You & Me This Morning are a perfect fit with the audience and advertisers alike, providing a unique way to connect with the viewers across multiple platforms.”

WCIU Station Manager Molly Kelly told the Chicago Tribune that Weigel could not produce the “same-old, same-old” in the morning. “This is going to be very focused on local,” she said. “We are weaving it in and around entertainment programming. It's targeted to lifestyles rather than hard news."