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The Weather Channel Sets Live Takeover for Wall-to-Wall Eclipse Coverage

With apologies to Bonnie Tyler, call it a Total Eclipse of the Lineup.

The Weather Channel has set a slate of programming for “The Total Solar Eclipse” on Monday, Aug. 21, that will let viewers keep tabs on the celestial event  as it happens.

In a live programming takeover starting at 6 a.m. ET, the network said it will cover the eclipse with meteorologists broadcasting live from seven locations across the country, and will also use its augmented reality technology to give a 3D, graphical space-level view into the science of the astronomical phenomenon. 

The Weather Channel, which has tapped Dish Network and Jeep as sponsors, said its own Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams will broadcast live from Madras, Ore., and Carbondale, Ill., to kick off the day-of coverage on the network’s signature morning showAMHQ.

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