Virgin Partners With Zone TV to Launch Kids VOD Channel

The UK's Virgin Media has teamed with North American video tech company Zone TV to launch a customizable VOD channel aimed at kids.

My Virgin TV Kids will enable young ones to create personalized playlists of shows, including Teletubbies, Pingu, Caillou, Bob the Builder, and Franny’s Feet.

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The Liberty Global-owned cable operator will leverage the Zone TV Studio brand, which lets content owners and video distributors create self-branded, linear TV channels that can be personalized and customized by and for each viewer in the household.

By entering the VOD channel through the Virgin programming guide, kids can watch TV or scroll forward or backward in the guide to pick the show they want, regardless of when it’s scheduled to run. My Virgin TV Kids will leverage Zone TV’s full technology stack to learn and personalize programming as kids choose what to watch or to skip, developing recommendations based on the child’s favorite themes, characters and programs.

“The technology weighs heavily into our AI mechanism, which is a very powerful tool,” said Zone TV Executive Chairman Doug Edwards, describing his company’s first European product launch to MCN. “In essence, this is a dynamic video on demand channel for kids.”

Added Zone TV CEO Jeff Weber, in a statement: “Our human curated technology, powered by AI, combined with Virgin Media’s vision means subscribers in the UK will be first in Europe to experience a revolutionary, personalized channel expressly designed for Virgin Media’s youngest customers. Our Dynamic Channels platform brings some of the world’s most popular children’s shows to life in a way that is totally unique among video services.”

Daniel Frankel

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