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Vignettes Mark Women’s History Month on Fuse

Fuse is celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring prominent women in the arts and politics it calls future history makers.

As part of its Future History franchise, the network has picked out four women for its Future Women’s History Class of 2020.

The honorees are:

  • Singer Hayley Kiyoko for using her music to openly and unapologetically share her truth as a queer artist, thus paving a way for her LGBTQ peers.
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for speaking truth to power, cutting through the usual political gridlock by voicing support for single payer healthcare, sane immigration policy and environmental reform through the “Green New Deal”.
  • Actress Angelica Ross for standing up for transgender and queer communities on and off the screen, whether being part of groundbreaking television or offering training, support, and jobs to trans people facing discrimination in the workplace with her TransTech Social Enterprises incubator.
  • Writer and artist Chanel Miller for giving voice, credence, and hope to other survivors after her anonymous victim impact statement went viral and through her bestselling 2019 memoir Know My Name.

The honorees will be spotlighted in multiplatform content including short-form video vignettes. The vignettes are voiced by Natalia Perez, host of Fuse’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood.