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Viewers to Render Verdict Live on Fox’s ‘You The Jury’

Viewers will decide the outcome of a new Fox courtroom reality show You The Jury by voting live during the last five minutes of each episode.

You The Jury, hosted by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, is set to make its debut April 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

Each week a rotating crew of six top attorneys from celebrity trials will act as prosecution and defense in real cases that touch many hot button issues.

Once they’ve done, Fox will provide viewers about five minutes to decide the case by voting via text and the Fox Now app. At the end of the East Coast/Central time zone broadcast “America’s Verdict” will be revealed. If after the West Coast airing, the cumulative votes result in a different verdict, the original decision will be overturned and become the final outcome in the case.


Attorneys participating in the show include Jose Baez, who defended Casey Anthony; Benjamin Crump, who has fought for justice for Trayvon Martin; and Joseph Tacopina, who has represented Alex Rodriguez, Jay Z and Don Imus, as well as Areva Martin, Mike Cavalluzzi and Charla Aldous. Former Superior Court of California judge LaDoris Cordell will preside as the attorneys will question and cross-examine the litigants and expert witnesses.

You The Jury is produced by Renegade 83, which also produces reality shows including Naked and Afraid as well as such scripted shows as USA’s The 4400.