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Videology Sees Increase in Advanced TV Ad Campaigns

Videology says that spending on advanced TV advertising campaigns on its platform grew 60% over the first three quarters compared with the same period a year ago.

In its third-quarter report on the TV and video marketplace, Videology says that requests for campaigns that include connected TV have increased 200% since 2015. From the second quarter of 2017 to the third quarter, the number of impressions running exclusively on connected TVs grew by more than 18%.

The top spending categories for data-enabled TV campaigns were pharma, travel and consumer packaged goods.

Videology says the number of campaigns using first-party data so far this year has doubled since last year and is up five times since this point in 2015.

More campaigns are targeting auto buyers (13%) than demos (10%). Other campaigns used data to target behavioral segments based on lifestyle, shopping and retail, business, home and garde, and entertainment.

Videology says that 30-second ads accounted for 59% of the ads run in its advanced TV campaigns, up 11%. The share of 15-second ads was unchanged at 37%.