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Viacom Maps Fan Passion With Viewprint

Viacom introduced Viewprint, a new data driven mapping system that tracks fan passion across social, linear and digital platforms.

Viewprint was developed by Viacom's data science team working with Viacom Velocity, the company’s integrated and creative content division, to innovate how custom marketing campaigns are created.

Mapping the data helps identify actionable insights, the company said.

“While instinct still comes first, a little extra secret sauce like Viewprint can make the ‘creative + science’ recipe even more potent,” said Dario Spina, executive VP of Viacom Velocity. “Velocity’s signature is marketing innovation. We are industry leaders in organically integrating client messages into our content, in authentically partnering with social media talent, and now in using our own resources – the most advanced data strategy tools in the business – to even more deeply understand how to connect our ad partners to the consumers they want to reach across our portfolio.”

Viacom has been developing new approaches to data as it tries to increase the amount of ad sales it generates based on information other than traditional Nielsen ratings.