VH1, Sundance Channel Talking About Sex

VH1 and Perry Films, in association with Sundance Channel, produced Sex: The Revolution, a documentary series chronicling the sexual revolution in America.

In an unusual agreement, first-run episodes of the four-part series will air on VH1, with encore showings on Sundance the following week.

Each episode of Sex: The Revolution will cover a specific timeframe, beginning with the 1950s in episode one, sexual liberation in the 1960s in episode two, feminism and gay culture in the 1970s in episode three through to the origins of AIDS and the Reagan years in episode four.

Sex: The Revolution frankly examines a colorful and controversial chapter of modern American history, when individuals and events coalesced to challenge the moral orthodoxy surrounding sex and sexual behavior,” the producers said in a statement. “Eros moved from the shadows into the sphere of public discussion as people sought to eradicate sexual ignorance, fear and loathing. Activism took root and laws were changed; traditional institutions and gender roles were questioned; pleasure was had, and so was profit.”

Sex: The Revolution will premiere on VH1 May 12-15 at 10 p.m., with replays on Sundance May 19 and 20 beginning at midnight.