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VH1 Greenlights 'Naked Dating' Series

VH1 said it greenlit Naked Dating (working title), a one-hour weekly series that will "explore the art of romance free of pre-conceived notions, stereotypes—and clothes."

Filmed on a remote exotic locale, each close-ended episode will feature a man and a woman as they each date two different, naked suitors, the network said (no potential air dates were mentioned). At the end of each episode, the two romance seekers analyze what they’ve learned from their dates and themselves before deciding on whether or not to move forward with their prospective love matches. "Once everyone has stripped away the artifices of our modern world and revealed their ultimate, honest selves, the results will be surprising," VH1 said, adding that the hosted series will consist of 10 one-hour episodes that will be edited according to network standards.

Discovery made headlines last year when it produced two series about surviving harsh environments without the many basics of life, including clothes. Those shows did not include a dating angle, though.

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