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‘Vanderpump Rules,’ ‘Unanchored’ Start on Bravo Dec. 3

Season seven of Vanderpump Rules and the series premiere of Unanchored begin Monday, Dec. 3 on Bravo. Vanderpump Rules focuses on Lisa Vanderpump, as she opens a restaurant in Los Angeles. Unanchored follows nine friends on a 56-foot catamaran in the Bahamas.

Vanderpump Rules is produced by Evolution Media, with Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Bill Langworthy, Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd and Tina Gazzerro-Clapp the executive producers.

The new season of Vanderpump Rules shows the host looking to open her bar and restaurant, Tom Tom, but when last-minute problems arise, she assigns responsibility to her junior partners.

Unanchored shows the nine friends embarking on “a life-changing journey filled with wanderlust and self-discovery.” They handle the crew duties of their boat, and spend their nights partying. Jack Royds of London captains the vessel.

Unanchored is produced by Evolution Media, with Ross, Baskin, Langworthy, Toni Gallagher and Robert Carroll the executive producers.