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‘Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky’ Starts on Bravo Aug. 23

Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky starts Wednesday, Aug. 23, on Bravo. The new half-hour series follows bartender Jax Taylorand his southern sweetheart, Brittany Cartwright, as they venture to her family’s Kentucky farm from Los Angeles.

City-boy Jax is a fish out of water as he tries to embrace the southern lifestyle. While Brittany is back in her element, Jax must deal with aggressive farm animals, awkward sleeping arrangements and endless marriage questions from her family. According to Bravo, “After a few days in the quiet countryside, Jax’s patience and charm start to wear thin as Brittany’s friends and family, especially her skeptical father, start to question his commitment.”

Vanderpump Rules, starring Lisa Vanderpump, debuted on Bravo in 2013. Taylor and Cartwright are cast members on that.

Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky is produced by Evolution Media with Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Bill Langworthy, John Carr, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd the executive producers.