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UTA’s Sures: Give Trump a Chance

Jay Sures, managing director at UTA and a prominent Democratic fundraiser and activist, sounded a philosophical note following Donald Trump’s surprise win Tuesday night. Sures called the Election Day result “an incredible learning experience” that is helping him understand how GOP diehards felt when President Obama won the 2008 election and reelection four years later.

Sures—who counts a number of top-shelf TV news talents, including Norah O’Donnell and Jake Tapper, as clients—cited something another client, Glenn Beck, said about coming out on the short end of elections. “I had no idea how the other side felt when President Obama won in 2008,” Sures told B&C. “The despondency, the confusion—how upset people were at that point.”

Choosing to look on the bright side, the power agent said he looks forward to a smooth transition of power, as has been an American hallmark for centuries, and is investing hope in the president-elect. “I think we’re all obligated to give Donald Trump a chance and see what he can do,” said Sures. “As hard as it is.”

Sures says he does not envision, at least for the moment, Trump’s presidency negatively affecting business in Hollywood.

A recent inductee into B&C’s Hall of Fame, Sures vowed to immerse himself in the details of what went wrong for Hillary Clinton and other key Democrats in 2016, and how the electorate was misread. He envisions remaining a participant in politics. “I can’t imagine not being involved in some capacity,” he says.

Some have speculated that Sures may have a future in politics, which Sures has not denied. But for today, it’s a matter of processing a disappointing result.

“The people have spoken,” Sures says. “The great news is, the sun rose today, and the sun will set. Tomorrow, the sun will rise again.”