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Univision Launches Tool for Targeting Political Ads

Univision said it launched Vamos, a voter analytics and optimization tool just ahead of the 2020 election season, which is expected to generate record levels of ad spending.

(Image credit: Univision)

Vamos consolidates insights from Univision with richer data in order to help political consultants and media buyers make better informed buying decisions when it comes to reaching Hispanic citizens before they go to the polls.

Vamos data provides the likelihood for Hispanics to vote for Democrats or Republicans or to be undecided or swing voters. 

Hispanic voter turnout doubled to 10 million in 2018 and Univision said it is projected that 15 million eligible Hispanic voters are expected to vote in 2020, playing a pivotal role in the presidential race and other down-ballot contests. 

“The nation’s Hispanic voters are not monolithic. It is key for each of the political parties and campaigns to speak to the 32 million eligible Hispanic voters across the U.S. about the issues and candidates,” said Univision’s Michele Day, senior VP, political, advocacy & government group. “Univision is the gateway to this community, and if you are not speaking to them as part of your political buying strategy, then you are missing out on an opportunity to reach our exclusive audience, 83% of which don’t watch any of the top 10 English-language networks.”