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UFC 100 Main Sponsor Bud Light Gets KO'd By Lesnar

Budweiser's Bud Light brand undoubtedly garnered plenty of exposure as the main sponsor of the highly-anticipated UFC 100 pay per view event Saturday night from Las Vegas. But not all of the publicity was of the positive type.

After UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar won his title fight via knockout in the blood-stained, octagon-shaped ring featuring a huge Bud Light logo in the middle, the former professional wrestler body-slammed the beer brand.

Lesnar said in the on-air, post-fight interview that he was going to go drink a Coors Light.

"That's a Coors Light, because Bud Light won't pay me nothing," he said, scowling at the Bud Light logo at his feet.

But before getting too concerned, Bud Light marketing execs should probably consider the source, as Lesnar's enraged post-fight hysterics also included getting in the face of the man he already had knocked out, as well as flipping off the Las Vegas crowd with both hands as they booed him for knocking out local fighter Frank Mir.

Other big-name sponsors of the event with signage or mentions in the PPV included Burger King, Harley Davidson, Cazadores tequila, USA, Sports Illustrated, and the film Inglourious Basterds.