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TVSquared Launches Analytics Platform ADvantage XP

TVSquared said it launched a premier tier to its ADvantage analytics program called ADvantage XP, which provides uniform measurement of TV advertising effectiveness across channels, platforms, devices and identity partners.


(Image credit: TVSquared)

“TV is now able to match digital in terms of targeting and accountability, as advertisers, agencies and publishers lean into one-to-one deterministic data, targeting and measurement,” said Jo Kinsella, president, TVSquared. “ADvantage XP serves the entire TV landscape with immediate results of creative performance, frequency caps and conversions, and covers every channel, platform, device and identity partner. It is the industry standard for TV’s watershed year, where cross-platform ad investments will soar.”

ADvantage XP does not use third-party cookies. It links census-level media exposure data to consumer response to measure reach and frequency, reach extension, outcomes and audience segments for further activation.

TVSquared has direct relationships with advertisers, DSPs, publishers, agencies and MVPDs, and provides outcome measurement across linear, addressable, OTT and CTV.