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TVision Launches CTV Ad Measurement Platform

(Image credit: TVision)

TVision is jumping into the fast-growing CTV arena with a platform that measures attention and engagement across streaming apps.

The platform operates tag-free and enables marketers to measure and optimize campaign effectiveness across streaming applications. Advertisers can also use it to measure their own campaigns as well as track competitor’s campaigns.

“The market is increasingly interested in allocating budget to CTV advertising, but marketers are challenged with measuring the effectiveness of these ads,” explains Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “New approaches to TV advertising require new approaches to measurement.”

TVision’s CTV Ad platform empowers advertisers to more effectively allocate, plan and report on their streaming ad campaigns. Leading brand advertisers are already using the TVision CTV Ad platform to review and optimize their campaigns.

Using the TVision platform advertisers and media buyers can understand the relative performance of CTV inventory across multiple applications beyond the siloed data reported by individual streaming applications.

TVision also said its platform looks at  ad performance with individuals--not households--and at the content and daypart level, in order to optimize for reach and frequency.

“The current CTV ad measurement approach relies on tagging, is heavily siloed, and reporting is limited to individual brand performance,” said Jay Altschuler, a TVision advisor who previously worked at Samsung. “TVision’s CTV Ad platform allows marketers to evaluate campaign performance in its entirety.”