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TVadSync Offers Campaign Attribution Data in a Hurry

Data and analytics firm TVadSync said it has a new automated campaign attribution platform that provides reports based on smart TV data within 24 hours.

The company said attribution calculated manually often takes weeks to deliver--too late to adjust a campaign to make it more effective.

TVadSync’s system is based on viewing data from two of the three top TV set makers, which have an 80% share of the U.S. market. The company combines the viewing data with several attribution methodologies to develop a rich picture of the business outcomes that result from an ad campaign.

“With automated attribution, media buyers are able to measure business outcomes in near-real time, which represents a significant improvement over the market standard,” said John McNicholas, head of product at TVadSync. “With the industry’s largest Smart TV data set and a muti-faceted attribution approach, we now provide brands with the fastest, most robust campaign attribution available for better overall campaign optimization.”