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TV One Snags Clinton interview

TV One has snagged Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) for an interview for its convention wrap-up show, TV One Live: DNC After Party, airing Wednesday night from the Democratic convention in Denver.

 TV One, the African American-targeted network, has been covering the convention given Barack Obama’s historic, and meteoric, rise to become the first African American presidential nominee from a major party.

 'After Party,' which airs at 11-midnight, is co-hosted by commentators the Rev. Marcia and Michael Eric Dyson. Marcia Dyson is conducting the interview, which is being taped Wednesday afternoon.

 Though she was not the keynoter, Clinton dominated Tuesday nights proceedings with a speech endorsing Obama and attempting to heal a rift between Obama and Clinton supporters after she was just barely edged out for the nomination and was not chosen for the number-two slot.v