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TV Data Summit: Future of TV Advertising Is Robust, Says Subramanyam

New York — Don't expect to see the TV advertising marketplace fizzle in the future, at least according to Radha Subramanyam, chief research and analytics officer for CBS Television.

“The future of TV advertising is robust. The future of TV advertising is not one thing and I don’t believe any of these are displacements for the other," said Subramanyam Wednesday during a keynote presentation at the TV Data Summit, part of Future's NYC Television Week. 

Subramanyam, who was recently named to succeed research guru David Poltrack atop CBS, spoke of traditional linear advertising as well as advanced advertising such as personalized live TV and dynamic ad insertion.

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In the complex world of television, flexibility is key.

“I think it’s very easy to say advanced TV. I think it is very easy to say broadcast TV. It is very easy to say cable TV. It’s very easy to say OTT," she said. "There’s a lot of texture and nuance. And depending on your goals as a marketer or as a media company, you need to have multiple strategies that address each of these buckets of the ecosystem.”

Subramanyam said CBS's goal when working with advertisers is to use research and data to improve marketing.

“We need to be much more flexible in our thinking than we have been historically because it’s a flexible, dynamic marketplace,” she said.