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TruTV Developing 'Wicked Summah'

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TruTV has landed Wicked Summah, the unofficial spinoff of MTV's controversial reality series JerseyShore

A network spokesperson confirmed that Wicked Summah is in the "very early stages of development" at TruTV, which is part of Turner Entertainment Networks. 

The show is scheduled to go into production this summer on Cape Cod with Reveille producing the show. A representative for Reveille did not respond to an e-mail message seeking comment. 

JerseyShore began its storied run on MTV mired in controversy for portraying Italian Americans as clueless, classless and spray-tanned partiers. But the show put up huge numbers for MTV--nearly 5 million people watched last December's finale--and the cast's colorful lexicon busted into the zeitgeist.

So far, there is no such controversy dogging Wicked Summah, which will no doubt be filled with "Massholes," the derisive nickname for Boston locals who vacation on the Cape.

According to the open casting call from Doron Ofir Casting, which assembled the JerseyShore cast, potential Wicked Summah cast members will "share a love for muscle cahs, hair products and little necks on the frickin half shell."

"You don't take sh*t from nobody--least of all each othah," the casting call goes on. "You believe in God, family, the Red Sox and partying. You'll pahty on the beaches of the Cape where cases of Narragansett Light are on every Celtics towel next to a bottle of baby oil and a can of hair spray."

The casting call site features photographs of Bean Town staples including Celtics cheerleaders (pictured from the waist down), beer mugs clanging and a toddler in a Red Sox jersey flipping the bird.

TruTV is coming off of its best ratings quarter since its re-branding two and a half years ago. The network, with the tagline "Not Reality. Actuality," has assembled a roster of reality programming including Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and Black Gold, about oil-rig workers in Texas. TruTV will roll out its upcoming programming to advertisers and media April 27 during its upfront presentation in New York.