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Triumph Tackles Conventions for Hulu

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Hulu and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog are again teaming up to take on politics, months after the wisecracking puppet, voiced by Robert Smigel, starred in Triumph’s Election Special 2016. The previous special focused on the primaries, while the new one, an hour-long program out Aug. 11, sees Triumph in visits to the recent Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The candidates were off limits, but Smigel says getting to the big names in cable news was a different story. “It was shockingly easy to photobomb pretty much every news network’s roundtable,” he says. “They know it’s their job to get in the way of Triumph, and it’s my job to hold up a sign behind Jake Tapper’s head.”

There may be some half-hour specials coming up on Hulu in the fall. Triumph—and his “…for me to poop on!” catchphrase—will star, but they may not focus just on politics. “Some talk, some variety, some defecation,” says Smigel.