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Tribune Gives U-verse Short-Term Extension

Tribune Media extended the deadline on its retransmission consent talks with AT&T U-verse until 3 p.m. Wednesday.

On Monday, Tribune Media told viewers that if it doesn’t reach a new retransmission consent agreement with AT&T U-verse by Tuesday, U-verse would no longer be able to carry its stations, resulting in a blackout.

Tribune’s agreement with U-verse expired on Sept. 30, but the two sides have agreed to a number of extensions as talks went on.

On the website of the station it owns in Chicago, WGN-TV, Tribune media is running a banner that says “final notice for AT&T-Uverse subscribers.”

“We are in continuous negotiations with AT&T-Uverse to continue bringing our programming to you without interruption. We appreciate your loyalty to WGN, and we are proud to serve this community with entertainment programming and important local news, weather and sports coverage. We are currently negotiating under an extension of our previous contract. If we cannot come to an agreement, AT&T-Uverse will no longer carry WGN until a new contract is established,” the station’s site says.

The site urges viewers to call U-verse and to post concerns about a black out on U-verse’s Facebook page.