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Tribune Adds NFL to Station Slates in Eight Markets

Tribune Broadcasting has picked up the local broadcast
rights to six late-season NFL Network football games, beginning with the
Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins on Thursday, Nov. 18. The agreement
Tribune TV stations in eight NFL markets to carry the NFL Network
telecast of
the local team's Thursday Night Football game.

"In keeping with our commitment to offer the best
programming, Tribune Broadcasting is extremely happy to be partnering
with NFL
Network to make these games available locally over-the-air to football
fans and
advertisers in the markets we serve," said Jerry Kersting, president of
Broadcasting, in a statement. "There are some great match-ups here, with
potential to really affect who makes the playoffs -- these games will
draw a
lot of interest."

This is the third year that Tribune has partnered
with the NFL Network
to air professional football games in their local markets. Tribune paid
cash plus barter time to acquire the games.

Tribune is looking to
increase its sports programming
across all of its markets, Tribuneprogramming

chief Sean Compton told B&Cin an interview last month, and is acquiring sports rights from the
high-school level on up.

The eight Tribune stations that will air games are: WPIX
New York, WGN Chicago, WPHL Philadelphia, KIAH Houston, WSFL Miami, KDAF
Dallas, KSWB San Diego and WXIN Indianapolis.

By NFL policy, ESPN and NFL Network games are carried on
free, over-the-air television in the city of the visiting team and in
the city
where the game is played as long as it is sold out 72 hours in advance

The full schedule of games is as follows:

Chicago Bears v.
Miami Dolphins: November 18, 2010, WGN Chicago, WSFL Miami
Bengals v. New York Jets: November 25, 2010, WPIX New York
Texans v. Philadelphia Eagles: December 2, 2010, KIAH Houston, WPHL
Indianapolis Colts v. Tennessee Titans: December 9,
2010, WXIN Indianapolis
San Francisco 49ers v. San Diego Chargers:
December 16, 2010, KSWB San Diego
Dallas Cowboys v. Arizona
Cardinals: December 25, 2010, KDAF Phoenix